Don't put on place 2 in a relationship


Relationships are comlicate and also different from one case to another, and to avoid all sorts of comparisons, to give an example of the relationship in which I was involved for 4 years. Even if he started at a very early age, some would even say inappropriate for such a relationship, I could learn a lot of very productive from that period and I'm not sorry for a second that I was someone's partner for so long.

As the title says, today I want to write a few lines about what it means to put yourself second in a relationship and why this does not lead to anything good. Since you are doing this will happen in the following cases:

1. Your partner sees you vulnerable
And we should not think automatically that will abuse this weakness of ours, but if not they will find the place near you that will tends to take over the reins of the relationship and there will be no more a story in which you two are gonna be equal. From the moment someone owns the relationship and it can make you do things that you don't want them.

2. Will not hesitate to talk to you about her problems
Knowing that you declare yourself inferior to her, will not have the same pull of the heart to come talk to you because she knows that whatever she says, whatever you do, you agree with everything that is happening and you won't have any word to say. Most of the times, it is better to get into arguing with your partner than to approve any deal.

3. Will become a boring relationship
When you do only what you want, you'll saturate to a point of "too much good" (as some say). Even if it seems ideal, to do only what you want is not really that fun in the long term.

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